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Top 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Office

Whether you have an office in need of some TLC or looking at moving into an office for the first time, our Top 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Office will go a long way to help you shape a conducive and creative work space that you and your employees will enjoy working in.

1. Light

'Light is critical for our health and wellbeing' Says Dr Victoria Revell, Chronobiologist at the University of Surrey. The amount of light you are exposed to throughout the day has a massive affect on your mood and alertness, therefore the more windows and natural light in your office, the better. With more natural light, you can have more plants. Psychologists recommend one plant per square metre to enhance memory retention, productivity and general happiness at work.

2. Space

A common issue for most offices is space. Organisation and clever storage ideas are key to space optimisation. Walkways should always be kept clear (not just for Health and Safety) and employees should have a minimum of 150cm space behind their chair so they can get up and move about easily. An office with round furniture and lots of space will be a delightfully harmonious environment. Oh, and remember to keep those unsightly computer and phone wires tidy and hidden if possible.

3. Colour

Did you know colour can affect motivation, productivity and mood? Different colours influence people in different ways, they can even affect our appetite! While we would recommend you use your brands colours throughout your office, try to avoid big block walls of red or black. Try a softer more inspirational colour like yellow or calming colour like green.

4. Welcome

First impressions count. Imagine you are a customer coming to visit you for the first time, what do you want to see? How do you want to be greeted? What does your office say about you or your business? Are you clean, organised and efficient? Your welcome space doesn't have to be a separate reception area but it should have comfy seats, reading material and the offer of a decent tea or coffee.

5. Fun

We get so bogged down by our daily workload we often forget to look up and engage with others around us. If you can create a separate break out area for lunch or for when a project meeting gets intense, then great. If not, think of ways you could bring your team together throughout the day to establish a bond with your employees and a high spirited, motivational working environment people will enjoy working in.

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